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 Spending As of 06/21/09

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PostSubject: Spending As of 06/21/09   Spending As of 06/21/09 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 5:04 pm

Comments are taken prior to entry.

We work on a Priorty point system where the person with the highest points is allowed to receive commented item. Only one Item comment is permitted per run.

Should you receive a commented piece your priority points will then be reduced to a total that equals the lowest members points with the exception that if you are the lowest member your points will then equal 0.

For ex: Eldogx has 18 points , Influence 9, Points and Yojosan(lowest member points of entire LS) has 4 points if Influence and Eldogx recieved commented AFV2, Influence's and Eldogx's total will be reduced to 4.

If an Item Piece is not commented that Piece will be Freelotted cost for Freeloted pieces is 2 points.

Lotting priority order on Freelotted pieces will be announced in LS. Will be usually 70+ >> 65 + >> 45+ >> any lvl for Dynamis.

With this system we believe that Points hoarding will not pose a problem with distribution since new members and old are equally valuable to the operation of the LS and will allow attendance to reflect earnings at the same time.

Shadow items will be distributed by Vote amoungst the Sacks : Eldogx, Influence, Odogdagreat,Yojosan,Nalyn.
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Spending As of 06/21/09
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